Sunday, June 26, 2011

Five Favorites

Do you ever get inspired to just be creative and can't decide what the outlet should be?  To make a great outfit, to do a fun DIY project, to go photographing, to organize everything you own??  This weekend has been one of those weekends, and here it is Sunday and I haven't really channeled my creativity anywhere specifically yet.  It's so hard to decide!  I considered making a run to Michael's but it's just so beautiful today in Michigan that I couldn't spend one minute in a store.  I'll save that for one of those rainy monsoon days we seem to be having so much this year.

So today I sit in my screened porch, drinking iced tea, looking out into my garden, and listening to the birds while I gather images for this post.

Summer dishes from Neiman Marcus... who wouldn't want to use these for a summer party?

I would love to sit on that couch in the window while I read my book.  Found this image while flipping through Styleline Magazine this morning.

This jean jacket from Gap is exactly what my wardrobe is missing.

I want this to be me.  Too bad I don't have an appropriate tree for a swing in my backyard.  Photo by Augustus Butera.

Just beautiful.  Photo by Cade Martin.

I hope you enjoy what caught my eye today!
Happy Sunday!

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