Sunday, June 19, 2011

Men's Suits Through The Decades

Happy Father's Day!  To celebrate, I decided to bring you something a little different today: Men's Fashion.  I've put together a little visual collection of men's suits through the decades.  Wonder what your dad wore when he was younger?  What about your grandpa?  Great-grandpa?  Probably something below.

I found all of these great images from, so if you're interested in reading a little history on the subject, check out their site!

Today I'm heading out to the EyesOn Design Car Show at the Edsel & Eleanor Ford Estate (Ford, as in the car company) in Grosse Pointe Shores.  Every year on Father's Day the estate hosts this great event centered around automotive design (another one of my design-loves).  The property is filled with beautiful cars from the decades.  I usually end up gravitating toward the 1950s beauties with their fabulous colors, flashy chrome, and fins galore!  So expect some fashion pics from the show to appear in an upcoming post!

Until next time!


  1. this is definitely not correct

  2. Sorry you feel that way... would you mind pointing out what exactly is incorrect? That would be more helpful than an anonymous comment. Thanks! :)