Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Striped Like A Sailor

I must say, I love that sailor stripes have become so popular the last couple years.  J.Crew always has a good supply, and I also recently discovered the site which I plan on ordering from after I post this blog.  I got inspired from a photograph I saw of Lauren Conrad sporting the trend and dug through my closet to try and make my own version.

shirt: American Eagle c. 2009
jeans: American Eagle c. 2010
shoes: Merona c. 2011
necklace: gift
ring: H&M c. 2008
purse: Element c. 2010

I also put together a collage for your enjoyment (based off of the inspiration photo for this outfit):
inspiration: Lauren Conrad
jeans: Old Navy
purse: Nu-G
ring: Forever21
shoes: Aldo
shirt: Forever21
tazo tea: yum

For many months I've been adoring the shoes on LC's feet, only to finally discover that they're Miu Miu and are way way way out of my price range.  So I settled for the Target wedges above.  However, I recently found the above look-a-likes at Aldo (very very tempted to buy!! Must...resist...)

Indiana from Adored Austin recently posted an entry on the oh-so-lovely Delightful Dozen blog about striped shirts, and I couldn't agree with her more.  I, too, have always disliked wearing stripes.  But now, with the return of the classic sailor-esque style once seen on Coco Chanel, I'm loving it!

Coco Chanel in 1917!

Until next time!

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  1. As soon as I saw this, I knew you had thought about it after we watched the Coco before Chanel movie! I totally want a sailor shirt like hers!