Thursday, June 9, 2011

What better way to start the day?

Hello and welcome to Cup of Tea!  I'm very excited to start in on the style blogging.  It's sometimes feels like a bit of a daunting task (especially after being a reader of so many great and successful style blogs!) but I'm giving it a go anyway!  So please, bear with us (Samantha and me) while we get in the groove.

What is a better way to start the day than some inspiration for your feet?
Merona from Target

R2 from DSW
I recently added these two styles to my closet... or rather, I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival in the mail.  (Online shopping = dangerous.... in a good way!)  I'm trying to fill in the basics-gaps.  I have plenty black strappy shoes but realized I have no brown!  And the opposite was true with flat sandals.  My only flat sandals in black happen to be my good ol' Old Navy $5 flip flops...and sometimes you just want to look a little nicer.

I tend to buy shoes in either brown or black (boring, I know).  Since I usually use the shoes to pull together an already great outfit, for me, they don't usually seek center attention.  The few brightly colored pairs of shoes I own tend to sit there and only get worn every once and a while because they don't seem to go with many of my clothes.  Hopefully soon I'll have some outfit pictures to share with you that include these awesome new finds.

Until next time...

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