Friday, July 8, 2011


This evening I decided to check out Value World with my friend Paris.  It usually takes a lot of searching to find anything worth buying but we both came out of there with a few new things!

My receipt totaled $12.12... not bad for buying four things!
  • shoes: St. John's Bay (in almost new condition and half off!) = $1.80
  • bag: Nine West = $5.60
  • bandana: unmarked = $0.80
  • vintage alarm clock: Westclox Big Ben (an original!) = $3.23
I did some quick research into the alarm clock, and found that my model is from somewhere between 1949 and 1956.  Neat!  Plus I love the type style used for the numbers (hey, I'm a graphic designer, I notice these things!)

My only disappointment was that I found a really cool leather belt with some awesome braiding in it.  Unfortunately the price wasn't marked and Value World doesn't let you buy it if it's unmarked... so I had to forfeit my prized belt.  Oh well....

Until next time!
Thanks for all of the nice comments, new followers!  It's very encouraging!  :)


  1. I love the shoes! Was there another pair like them? Lol

  2. You found some great things :)

  3. Whoa JACKPOT!!! Love that bag and the clock! Does it work? Now you should put together and outfit that incorporates all of these. Cute!