Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dancing Taupe

I've been pretty lucky with finding people to take my picture for this blog.  My sister, my parents, and my friends have all taken a crack at it.  But what happens when nobody's available to help?  Well, that's when it's time to call in Ol' Trusty.  And no, I'm not talking about the bloodhound in Lady and the Tramp (although he was very trusty... very appropriate name choice, Disney).  I'm talking about my stepladder.  It took a while to get some decent shots and the focusing was sometimes an issue, but in the end I think I got some decent photos.

shirt: Express
shorts: Forever21
sweater (? not sure what you'd call it): Forever21
necklace: gift
ring: gift
shoes: Soda

I love wearing black.  The bad thing about it though, is that it doesn't photograph well.  My shirt has ruffles in the front, and my shorts have faint pin-stripes and pleats making them "dressy" shorts.  Both of those things failed to show up in these pictures.  I wore this outfit to work, but had skinny jeans and my black Merona wedges instead of the shorts and Soda shoes.  Since summer is finally (!) officially here in Michigan I had to switch to shorts when I got home.  Last weekend it was 98 degrees in my area!!  Okay summer, just chillax... why don't you give us more 82 degree days?  Oh well.  I wait all winter for this weather so I shouldn't be complaining too much.

and just for kicks...
Thanks stepladder!  Your camera holding abilities were much appreciated for this post!  (I'm sure we'll become better friends as this blog continues...)

Happy hot weather!


  1. Wow, good job with the ladder and timer! Those shoes look like they would have been Mom's in the '70s. Like everything you have... :-)


  2. I almost thought this was a romper outfit and got really excited! Still very adorable though! You have some gorgeous hair :)

    Follow back?

  3. Love the outfit! - especially love the shoes!

    Following you now, hope you dont mind :))