Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grosse Pointe Shores Preview...

Well it sure has been a busy week for me!  I've definitely been slacking in the blog department.  This past week has been full of summer fun.  Fun bar nights, beach outings, and lawn seats at a summer concert.  Because of my busy week, I do not have any new full outfit posts today.  But I have included a preview to an upcoming post, with photos taken by my wonderful older sister!  They were taken in beautiful Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan.

I'm fortunate to have a professional photographer for a sister.  Unfortunately she lives on the west side of the state (and I'm on the east side!) so she doesn't get to take as many blog photos for me as I would like.  In a perfect world she would be photographing all of them!  This photo shoot was done back in June but it's taken a long time to sort through pictures and edit them.  I'm super satisfied with this shoot and hope you will like it too!

Stay tuned for more from this same photo shoot!!

Anyone see the new Harry Potter movie yet?  I caught it on opening day and LOVED IT!  Definitely going to be seeing that one again soon!

Stay cool!


  1. this look is so cute on you! i love it!! especially with the hat!

    PS: you're so lucky your sister can shoot you sometimes!

    PPS: so excited to see harry potter! I'm going this weekend!

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