Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!  In my recent post, Striped Like A Sailor, I mentioned that I was going to purchase another striped shirt from a new site I had found.  Well I followed through on that and ended up with a fantastic outfit for the 4th!  Laura from was so helpful in the process.  When I was having computer troubles at checkout, she responded to my help! email very quickly and made sure I got my shirt!  It's refreshing to come across people who make the effort to please their customers.  I've told numerous people about her site and how cool it is.  So check it out if you're in the market for a striped shirt!

I made a couple different versions of my 4th of July outfit.  I went back and forth with switching from heels to converse, from shorts to a skirt, trying to come up with an All-American look.

skirt: vintage (my mom's actually!)
shorts: LC Lauren Conrad
shoes (sneakers): Converse Chuck Taylor
shoes (heels): vintage (also my mom's!)
bracelets: vintage

While shopping at Forever21, I came across a skirt that was practically identical to the one in this post.  Only mine was free, mine was vintage, and mine was worn by my mother.  I love that my style is not that different from what my mom's style was in the 70s.  It makes for great inspiration right from my parent's old photo albums!

Because of the many outfit variations for this post I've got a more-than-usual amount of photos to post.... but I hope you enjoyed them!  Now I'm off to continue with my festivities.  My sister and I are about to make some red/white/&blue desserts for tonight!

Have fun, stay safe, and light a sparkler!

Happy 4th of July!


  1. hey, you started the group discussion on my group:) Thanks!

    But anyway I will definitely be following your outfits are amazing,I especially love this one