Saturday, August 6, 2011

Featured Creative: Bittersweet Nostalgia

It's here!  The first Featured Creative post!  I decided to start with my friend Paris of Bittersweet Nostalgia.  She recently started a small jewelry business that has really been taking off in the past few months.

Paris modeling her own creations!

The Girl Behind The Feathers: Paris from Bittersweet Nostalgia
In business since: June 2011
Based out of: Royal Oak, Michigan
I did a quick mini-interview with Paris about her new business:

Me: What inspired you to make your own jewelry?
Paris: When I was looking in stores for feather earrings I couldn't find any that I liked, so I created a pair of my own.  I started getting compliments on them so I decided to start designing more and selling it.

Me: What kind of jewelry do you make?
Paris: Feather and clay earrings and necklaces.

Me: Where did the name Bittersweet Nostalgia come from?
Paris: I've always liked the word nostalgia, the sound and the meaning... but, in a way, nostalgia is bittersweet.  So I put the two together and that became Bittersweet Nostalgia, simple!

Me: What's next for Bittersweet Nostalgia?
Paris: I've got a craft show in November scheduled.  In the meantime I'm going to continue creating! (I've got to get a lot stocked up for the craft show!)

I swiped some photos from her site to show you a few of her creations:

And, of course, the necklace she made for me since I don't have pierced ears:
that's me in my necklace from Bittersweet Nostalgia
I wear this necklace all the time, seriously.  The leaf is handmade out of clay with love from Paris :)
If you want to see more of her creations, check out her Bittersweet Nostalgia Facebook Page!  All jewelry is handmade in Michigan.  I love supporting independent artists, and you should too!

Stay tuned for more Featured Creative posts.  If you or someone you know does something fun and creative (run a small creative business, design your own clothes, or just have great style!) let Cup of Tea know by emailing us at
We'd love to feature you too!

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  1. The earings are gorgeous!!