Thursday, August 18, 2011

"I Don't Want To Be Worshipped, I Want To Be Loved"

I'm back again today.  This time because I have extra time on my hands because I'm sick!  What else can I do besides mindlessly watch movies and parooze the internet from my nest on the couch?  I hate being sick, and being sick in the summer is the worst.  It's sunny and warm outside, and I can't really enjoy it.

The only perk about being sick, and I stress the word only, is having the opportunity to watch multiple movies during the day and still have time to do something else too.  Today I've completed The Pixar Story, The Philadelphia Story, and Exit Through The Gift Shop.  I was particularly inspired by The Pixar Story in terms of my graphic design interest.  And as far as my fashion interest goes, The Philadelphia Story caught my eye as well.  I'm a big fan of old movies.  This one has three of the great - Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and James Stewart.

I was particularly drawn to these two outfits in the movie.  They both are very "goddess" inspired, which I thought was clever since that was a theme in the movie (and hence the title of this post).  The rich black and white of the film is particularly great because of Katharine Hepburn's white dress and James Stewart's black suit.  Ahh.

Alright.  That's all for today.  I'm off to go force myself to get better (I'm not really sure how to do that though).

Ta ta!
P.S.  Katharine Hepburn was also a natural redhead, which makes me like her even more :)


  1. She is so elegant! I followed your blog!
    Please return the favour!
    And I love your blog banner & design its simply stunning!

  2. I like those outfits, but the first one better - it is so classical and looks unbelievable! <3


  3. that's such bad luck! hope you feel better...

    watching movies is a plus, but i do that even though i'm not sick haha

  4. I hope you get well soon! In the meantime, watching some old movies sounds like a perfect treat.
    These outfits are simply stunning.

  5. those dresses are never out!
    xoxo thao

  6. Get better soon! I hate being sick, atleast you'll have more time on your hands to do some blogging though :)

    Loving the dresses.