Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marbled Impatience

It seems like I've seen the marbled nail tutorial everywhere lately.  I recently came across this version and decided to finally try it.

This is what I started with (that's water in that shot glass)

This is what I ended with!

Obviously, there's a lot of room for improvement.  And, admittedly, I only did one hand.  After finishing my left hand I started making a mess and my interest level crashed rapidly.  It was kinda messy and the whole time I was concerned about either a) spilling the polish (it almost happened twice) and b) staining the shot glass.  In the end I managed to avoid both.

I would definitely recommend this DIY for those who are patient and like painting their nails.  I was not patient, and tend to avoid painting my nails (It always chips the next day!  Why spend the time doing it?)  So clearly this DIY is not for me.  But I urge you to TRY IT!  The tutorial I used was well written.

May you have better luck!

P.S. Samantha/Julia pictures coming soon!


  1. Love the marbled effect! Lovely technique.


  2. I can't even paint my nails just normal!


  3. Being hate to spend hours waiting for specially pattern nail polish in the store,my nail polish always painted in one pure color and nothing special,Thanks for your inspiration,I am gonna have a nice try on my own too...