Monday, August 1, 2011

Paper Crown!

I have none of my outfits to share today, but I do have exciting news!  Paper Crown launches in the United States today and I'm already in love with a few of the outfits from the fall look book.  The two I've posted below are my favorites.

I'm  not sure I could pull off the leather shorts look, but the blazer and blouse are incredible.  Especially the blazer.  :)

I'm loving the casual feel to this outfit.  The shoes definitely dress it up though.  I could wear that outfit on the weekend or to work.  Love love love to both outfits.  Now I just need to hop on over to Nordstrom to see what these things actually cost....

For those who don't know, Paper Crown is the designer brand from Lauren Conrad.  I already own an embarrassing amount of LC Lauren Conrad clothes from Kohls.  Now I've got to check out Paper Crown!

Here's to hoping that they're not outrageously priced!  Fingers crossed.

Hopping and skipping to Nordstrom!
Happy August!


  1. LOVE the leather shorts! I don't know if they would ever actually work for me in real life, but I love how they look here.

    xoxo Emily

  2. Wow - I haven't seen any of LC's range (I don't think it's sold in the UK!) but it looks great! Thank you for introducing me :) !

    Thanks for much for posting on the IFB group, we have left a comment for you there! x

    Ebay Finds >

  3. do you know where she's selling it? I haven't been able to find it :/

  4. Natalie- According to
    Nordstrom, Fred Segal, Planet Blue, Ron Herman,,

    I haven't found it on any of those sites yet though... maybe they're behind on website updates?

    Cup of Tea