Sunday, August 21, 2011

We'll have some tea, please

As promised, I have photos from last weekend's meet up with Samantha!  For those who don't know, Samantha co-founded Cup of Tea with me.  She's got loads of class, she's a constant style inspiration to me, and she's the best best-friend a girl could ask for!  We go back pretty far, friends since the days of marching band in high school when we both played clarinet and life was simple.  Samantha now lives in Pennsylvania and I'm still in Michigan so we don't really get to see each other that much.   Work schedules, school schedules, and just life in general seems to keep us apart for months at a time.  But that just makes our reuniting even better!

Last week, Samantha, Samantha's bf Ryan, and our mutual friend Jamie (also from the high school days!) all met up for breakfast in our hometown of Royal Oak, MI.  It was pretty rainy and cold that day but we still had fun walking around downtown and taking some outfit shots!  Of course, we had to get the railroad track picture.  At some point in fashion photography, it just has to happen.  Plus the tracks run right through downtown so it's a pretty convenient photo op.

We photographed on a rainy Sunday morning, so the streets were pretty much deserted.  But don't let that fool you.  Royal Oak gets so crazy busy at night during the summer because it has a great night life.  I feel so lucky that it's my hometown.

And yes, we're holding Starbucks cups in that picture above.  Not because we think it's cool, but because they contain hot tea and we love hot tea.  Our blog name is Cup of Tea, so why not pose with the tea?  So delicious.

On Samantha:
dress: H&M
scarf: from a hotel giftshop
purse: gift
sandals: Target

On Julia:
dress: Xhilaration (Target)
jean jacket: American Eagle
necklace: gift
shoes: Payless
watch: Target

Jamie was a great photographer for us!  It was fun to catch up, be silly, and enjoy the fact that even though all three of us have gone and done different things since the high school days, we're still able to remain such good friends.  I should mention that we have a fourth member of our high school days group, Clarissa.  We all love her too and was sad she wasn't able to join us that morning!

Do you still keep in touch with your old friends?  Are any of you still as close as we've managed to stay?

To all the best sets of girlfriends out there, happy Sunday!


  1. Woo! I've been waiting to see this post. I had such a great time hanging out with you guys! Even though I have no fashion sense I love reading your blog!


  2. Great pictures! It looks like you had fun :)

  3. I love the pattern on that scarf, so pretty!

    btw we are doing a jewelry giveaway!


  4. your outfits are so cute! it's great that you guys still keep in touch :)

  5. My girlfriends in high school..long long time no see now,but I know they are my best friends all the way,I am gonna meet them in the end of this year.....So delightful to see you and your friends,bet you all have a great your print short skirt,so adorable...

  6. Sounds like such a fabulous day!! And I love both of your adorable outfits, especially loving your gorgeous floral print dress -SO cute! I definitley keep in touch with my high school friends it's great to share that history! xo veronika