Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bring it on, autumn!

Yesterday as I was driving to work in the morning, I realized that some of the trees I pass daily are turning yellow.  Yes!  It's starting!  Bring on the red, the orange, the yellow!

Where was I going in this outfit?  To get happy hour drinks with one of my old high school friends Clarissa.  I love catching up with friends!

This was also the first time wearing my new boots this fall!

shirt: H&M
jeans: Gap
jacket: LC Lauren Conrad
boots: Alloy
scarf: Wet Seal
ring: For Love 21

Bring it on, autumn!


  1. I absolutely love your style. It is super chic and wearable by every woman. I love how you paired the leather jacket with the floral scarf :)

  2. Hiya Julia,

    Found your blog courtesy one of the gorgeous blogs I follow :)) and I love it... it's down to earth, personal, fun and just gorgeous :))

    Following you via Google Friend Connect now, so you should be hearing more from me in the future... Do swing by my blog sometime... it'll be oodles of fun to have you over.

    I see those boots serving you well throughout the Fall and Winter... Enjoy!!

  3. i love your jacket & your boots are to die for!
    super cute!

    i love that first day when you walk outside and realize the leaves are changing! it makes me so happy.


  4. Cute boots and I LOVE the ring! Because I love your blog so much, I picked you for this award:


    Jessica =)

  5. LOVE that jacket! Can I have it? ;) Great post, always like seeing what you come up with!

  6. Aww look at you! So fally and cute! And your hair is straight!!!!!!

    I like contrast of the staight, leather jacket with the soft flowy scarf AND the warm colors of the boots and top with the cool colors of the scarf. hmm!

    Just lovely, and so very autumnal. ;)