Sunday, September 25, 2011

Freeze Frame!

It's officially autumn!  So that means I better hurry up and post all my outfits that involve some sort of summer-wear.  That means flip flops!

Another me-being-me picture ^ above.  :D

jean jacket: American Eagle
shirt: LC Lauren Conrad
pants: LC Lauren Conrad
purse: Nine West (thrift store find!)
shoes: Delia's
watch: Target
necklace: Heritage 1981
ring: LC Lauren Conrad

This weekend has been a fall-filled one.  Yesterday I drove down to Toledo, OH to visit my friend and we went to an all-in-one Cider Mill/Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze!  I left there will a stomach full of cider and doughnuts (and muddy shoes from the corn maze, but it was worth it!)

In other news, Cup of Tea is now officially at 30 Google Friend Connect followers!  Yay!  Thanks to everyone who read and comment on the blog, it means so much!  And thanks to all of the non-Google Friend Connect followers out there too! :)

And since I'm a fan of finding new ways to combine clothing pieces:

This jean jacket originally appeared in a post from July and the peach pants originally appeared a couple weeks ago in my last first day of school post.  I encourage all to continually find new ways to make outfits.  Not only do you end up with a fabulous new outfit and save money, it's also a fun challenge and good way to get your brain working.  Sounds silly but I often fall asleep thinking of new outfits in my head.

How have you remixed an outfit?

Happy Sunday!
Completely random, but as I was flipping through the pictures for this post, the action shot used in the "I've Seen That Before!" collage made me think of the opening song to The Mary Tyler Moore Show... freeze frame!  Haha, I'm so nerdy.


  1. Love the floral top!
    Ps, I was in Toledo this weekend as well! :)

  2. yippee for autumn!! i love the denim jacket :)

  3. HaHA!!!! omg. I love the comparison between your *action shot* photo and Mary Tyler Moore. It so works! You need a theme song.