Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My very own black floppy hat!

Look at that!  Two posts within one weeks time!  How incredible.  I've had my nose in Jane Eyre for the past two weeks and I've finally finished it a few hours ahead of schedule!  Go me!  So with a few unexpected hours to spare before heading off to bed I'm taking this opportunity to share with you an outfit:

shirt: Forever21
skirt: LC Lauren Conrad
hat: American Eagle
shoes: Delia's
bracelets: gifts
ring: H&M
necklace: Target

I must admit that I didn't actually wear this outfit anywhere.  It was more like a playing dress-up session.  [Side story: speaking of playing dress-up, a few weeks ago I decided to rummage around in my own "dress-up clothes" from when I was little and discovered that the dresses I used to play in actually fit me now!  They're all 80's prom type dresses, but they fit me perfectly.  Might just have to do a silly, 80's prom dress, retro post soon...]

So, back to this outfit, I'm super excited about this hat.  I did a post back in August about the desire for a black floppy hat (as seen here) and was really surprised to walk into American Eagle one day with a friend and see it on the mannequin right before my eyes.  Plus, the AE version looked exactly like I was picturing my desired hat to look, even more than the two I posted in August.  Happy me!  The only problem is I haven't quite figured out how and where to wear it.  I have floppy sun hats, and usually wear them to the beach or when I know I'll be out in the sun all day.  Fall hats are new to me.  How and when do you wear them?  Any ideas?

Looking for hat solutions...


  1. That skirt is super pretty! I might have to see if I can snag one!


  2. absolutely adorable! and im in love with the skirt :)

  3. I love the whole outfit. You should actually wear it, not just for a photo session :)


  4. You look great dear <3
    I'm now following your blog I found it on IFB :)

  5. So cute! Love it!- Jessica


  6. Hi there! How nice you have a shared blog :) Allways wanted to buy a hat like that too, but I guess I would be too shy to wear it :P Anyways I'm following you now (because of IFB) Hope you could follow me back! http://chocolatandagirl.blogspot.com Love, Jenna

  7. This skirt is gorgeous! We love midi's at the moment, the whole outfit is beautiful! JS xx


  8. Love the combination of the top and skirt, so pretty :) For fall I only wear knitted hats really, so I'm probably no help there :p



  9. Hi!

    I love the colour combination! That skirt with that shirt... I love them! Midi's are so easy to mix and match and so comfy.

    Feel free to visit my blog too!


    Isabel x