Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY: Flapper Costume!

This year it is decided that I will go as a flapper for Halloween!  Now I realize you all probably have your costumes set and ready to go, but I'm showing you this DIY because I took the time to document each step and put it together.  Just with a busy busy life, projects seem to come together later than planned!

What you'll need:
Black dress
Black fringe
Measuring tape

1. This is the dress I bought.  I found it at Value World for a whopping...
2. $4.60!  Excellent.
3. Measure and cut the dress to preferred length
4. Resulting dress

5. Drape and pin your first row of fringe to the top edge of the dress.  Make sure the fringe goes all the way around the dress, not just the front.
6. Sew on the fringe with sewing machine!  (tip: turn the dress inside out to make it easier for this top row!)
7. Drape/Pin/Sew on the bottom row of fringe.
8. Measure the distance between where you want your second row of fringe to start all the way down to wear you want the second-to-last row of fringe to end.  Take that amount and divide it by how many rows you have left to sew on.  This ensures that all the rows will be evenly spaced.  The fringe I used is 6" long, so I allotted for 6 rows of fringe for the size/length of my dress.

And there is your dress!  I realize I just made that sound a lot easier than it really was, but those are the basic steps I followed.  Now, I must give a huge THANK YOU to my mother, for she helped me out with the sewing.  I'm not that great at sewing, and really don't have much patience for it.  But my mom is a great sewer so she stepped in to help out.  Good thing she did because somehow I managed to jam my finger in a spot I didn't know existed on the sewing machine.  It was so jammed that I had to actually yank it out because it wouldn't come loose easily.  And yes, it was EXTREMELY painful.  That took me out of the sewing process for I had to ice my finger in order to keep it from swelling up really big.  Ouch.

I plan to wear this costume out on Saturday night for Luna's Halloween Costume Bash!  I'm very excited!  So if all goes as planned, I should have some photos of me actually wearing the dress to post on Halloween.

Some additional things to complete my flapper costume:
Fishnet tights, bead necklaces, a black feather, black eye liner (for some exciting eyes!), and bright red lipstick.  Looks like I'm ready to dance!

And last but not least, I wanted to share a photo from my family's album.  The two in this picture are my great uncle and great aunt.  Now that's a '20s style dress!  I couldn't find any flapper dresses in my family's album, but this style definitely screams 1920s.  Check out the finger waves too, I love it!

Also, take note of the watch hanging from my great uncle's belt.  So cool!

What are you planning for Halloween?

If anyone actually plans to make a flapper dress, email me if you have any questions!


  1. Love this post! The flapper dress looks so awesome :)

  2. Happy dancing, Julia!

  3. Super cute idea. Out of curiosity did you go the Value World in Ann Arbor? Because I'm heading there tomorrow :) Love that place!!

  4. Awesome costume! I really wanted to be a flapper for halloween but I havent had time to make a costume! Im bummed. This is super cool though, have an excellent halloween!


  5. Wow that's really awesome! :)


  6. Holy cow that is awesome! you'll look great in it and feel amazing since you put all that hard work into it. :)

  7. Lovely dress, I dream for a dress like that.

    Have a sweet weekend.

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  8. My gosh, love the dress that you made! You're so talented :( I cannot sew anything at all.

  9. What a fun idea, and awesome DIY!! I've dressed up as a flapper for a few Halloweens, and loved it! And that dress turned out SO pretty you could wear it anytime. Hope your Halloween was splendid. xo veronika

  10. Wow that looks amazing! I don't think i'd have the patience to sew something so delicate.

  11. This dress is excellent!!! Tassels are so in style you'll be able to wear it all the time and gain the satisfaction of saying you made it!
    Great post!
    JS xx

  12. Hello! I just googled "DIY flapper dress" so I could make one for my work xmas party and came across your post - great DIY post - thanks! I have a black dress free from a magazine that I can use :-)

  13. Sooo super cute! That turned out awesome; I love homemade costumes :)

  14. Hi! I love this dress! It looks so simple to make and super cute!

    I'm planning on making a flapper dress but I don't know how much fringe fabric to get. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Maritza! First I would decide how many rows of fringe you want on your dress, and then figure how wide each side of the dress is... and then make sure to buy a little extra! If you're unsure, I would just bring your dress right into JoAnn's (or wherever you're buying fringe) and hold fringe up to it so you can visualize it better. Hope that was a little helpful! Sorry I don't have an exact measurement!


  15. This looks great! I do not own a sewing machine and not much patience though, but this surely is my dream dress Thanks for sharing your insights!!

  16. Hi! I came across your blog post as I need to make a Flapper costume for a fancy dress party,and I was just wondering, How long are the fringes you used? as in height-wise if that makes sense...:)thank you very much xxx

    1. Hello! The fringe I used is about 6.25" tall. Hope that helps!! Good luck with the costume! I had fun with this one :)

  17. Wow fantastic! Mind me asking where you purchased your fringe? I found it on amazon but it seamed kind of pricey how many feet did you need to finish the dress?

    1. Hello! I found my fringe at JoAnn Fabrics. I don't remember how many feet I needed (I don't have the dress with me at the moment to measure), but that will depend on what size your dress is, and what fits you best. Hope that was helpful! Good luck!

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