Thursday, October 20, 2011

Magic Leaves or Attacking Leaves?

Another rainy day in Michigan today.  Only perk was wearing my rain boots.  They have fish on them and they make me smile!  This week has been crazy hectic.  I basically don't get a chance to breathe between Monday and Thursday.  Right now I'm MAKING myself breathe and pause from homework for a cup of tea and an outfit posting.

My backyard doesn't have any bright red or orange trees, it's mostly just brown.  So this is my best fall leaf shot so far.  I need to go stand in someone else's yard with their pretty trees.  Who's that weird girl taking pictures of herself in our yard?  Oh, that's just me.  Don't worry about it.

The above two pictures make me laugh.  The left one looks like I'm conducting magic with the leaves and the right one looks like the leaves are attacking me.  Hehe.  Leaf photo idea failure I guess!

And then I accepted the fact that it was actually too cold to be without a jacket:

dress: H&M (SO COMFY!!)
trench coat: Delia's ca. '06
leg warmers: vintage/my mother's
boots: Civico 10
bag: Delia's
scarf: Wet Seal

Now I'm off to finish my cup of tea (green tea in particular, yum!), finish reading assigned chapters in my Typography textbook, and continue reading The Love Of A Good Woman by Alice Munro for my Women in Literature class.  I must chop chop!  Time is a ticking.


  1. I love your outfit, your scarf and boots are so cute! Hehe I like the second leaf picture :)

  2. Love this outfit so much! The scarf and leg warmers are just fantastic! Oh man, pretty soon my backyard is going to be FULL of leaves. Haha.

  3. I love your layering here, those socks look perfect with your boots...I love how chunky the knit is!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  4. Love love love the layers!!

  5. lovely outfit, cute boots & socks. I love the magic & leaf attack pictures! xox
    following from IFB

  6. I LOVE the knee high socks with boots look! I especially love how high those are! I love taking pictures of the fall...I just love fall weather and dressing for it....Great outfit!- Jessica

  7. Great look, I love how you wear your over knees with your boots:)

  8. Aww look at you! I thought those leg warmers look familiar. Haha good idea! :-)