Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Movie Spotlight: Miracle on 34th Street

Merry Christmas Eve!!  I've had this entry all ready to post and time got away from me!  So today I bring you a last-minute Christmas movie spotlight: Miracle on 34th Street, made in 1947.  But don't worry (because I know you are); it's available on Instant Play through Netflix, so you're not too late to watch!

This is one of the Christmas movies I don't own, so I always make it a point of watching at one of my friend's houses every year.  All  of these images are in black & white, but the version I watched yesterday had been colorized.  It's funny when you recognize a movie as being colorized, especially if you've seen a different colorized version of the same movie before.  You recognize some outfits being different colors from one version to the next:

In the version I watched, Natalie Wood was wearing a dark green robe... none of the above!  But anyway, I like seeing all of the snappy suits that Maureen O'Hara wears.  And hats!  I wish the everyday person still wore hats!  Oooh I love fashion history.

Well I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas tomorrow if you celebrate it, and if not I hope you have a fabulous Sunday!  I'll be relaxing at home eating Christmas cookies and drinking Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea.  Yum!

Merry Christmas to all!


  1. I love that movie! And I totally agree about the hats. Merry Christmas to you!


  2. Merry Christmas to you as well! :) I really love the more recent version, so definitely have to watch the original. I also really want to see It's A Wonderful Life, which I know is a classic...definitely need to put both these films on my priority list! :p