Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cup of Tea... Russian Style?

The first snow finally arrived in Michigan last week (that seems kind of late, especially for Michigan) and it only lasted half of the day before melting.  If there's a time when I want snow, it's in December.  I hope it comes back soon!

pea coat: Alloy
jeans: Levi's
turtleneck: Forever 21
boots: vintage c/o mom
hat: American Eagle
gloves: unknown

This is a jacket that I picked up on clearance during the summer.  At the time it was so hard to even imagine cold weather but the discounted price was great!  I saved $80.  Sounds good to me!  For some reason I think of it as being very Russian-looking.  I'm not even sure what Russian-looking is, but in my mind it is this coat.  That is my uninformed Russian fashion talk.  I'm sure if I were to actually wear this coat in Russia I would freeze to death.  It's not very warm as many pea coats aren't.

Anyone else feeling stressed out about now?  With classes ending and Christmas coming, I always have a million things to do.  The list-making is endless.  I have about 20 post-its stuck all around my computer.  It's becoming hard to keep up on all of the blogs that I read!  But just know that I eventually read them all.  You all are too fast for me to keep up!  I am absent from Google Reader for a few days and I come back to a gazillion posts!  And they're all fabulous so I can't not read them.  You can tell I'm kinda stressed since my counting went from a million to a gazillion in one paragraph.  Too many things to do!!!

Okay.  Breathe.  College ends tomorrow.  That should clear up some time.  Hopefully.

^Those are my neighbor's trees during the snow last week.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


  1. One more day to go! :-)
    This is super-cute, I really like that coat!
    I think it IS a Russian influence, like we were saying the other day with military-inspired looks.

    Check it out- http://www.russianstore.net/Data/dress4.gif and http://www.russianstore.net/Data/fulldressarmyoff.gif


  2. Wow! That snow is really pretty.. I live in the South and never get any :/
    but i love your outfit! that coat is really cool :)

  3. I love your coat and hat. Although i'm not sure what russian looking is supposed to look like :P The snow looks so pretty :)

  4. haha, lovely! i love the snowflake pin

  5. It's cute and funny how you compared this coat to a Russian style :) well, why not, it's cold there and people wear coats, right? I really like your vintage boots, very unique looking!
    Following you, hope you follow back.
    Good luck!


  6. I do want snow for Christmas but after that it can go away. I don't like driving in it - let me rephrase that - I don't like driving with people who don't know how to drive in it.

    I think your "russian style" is very cute. Love the coat and hat!


  7. Love that last photo, the snowy trees are so pretty!! And your outfit is majorly adorable -love that coat, and I'm currently living in my boots at the moment, love yours. Aw, and best of luck getting everything done too, lady - it's such a busy time of year for sure! xo veronika

  8. That coat looks so cozy and warm, I'm surprised it isn't. I think you must need it after seeing the beautiful picture of all that snow! Hope you stay warm and don't get too stressed out. :D

  9. Love the coat and the hat, you look very stylish:)