Sunday, December 4, 2011

Leggings As Pants?

I usually spend large chunks of my weekend catching up on everything that I've put off during the week.  Like laundry.  So when I decided to wash ALL of my jeans, I had nothing to wear for the outfit I was planning on!  Duh.  (does anyone say that anymore?) So I cautiously pulled out... the leggings.  I'm always kinda been afraid of wearing them... they look good on most other people, but I feel awkward with them!  Leggings as pants?  Am I really going to go there?  Well, many people wear them like that and they look fine.... So here is the result.  Not bad.  Looks comfortable, that's for sure.

sweater: Sonoma
leggings: Target
scarf: Target
boots: Civico 10
boot socks: Target
clutch: Deux Lux
ring: Stella & Dot
necklace: American Eagle

And what was inside that clutch?  A book of course!  I felt kind of like Rory Gilmore, stuffing my purse with a book.  But the book I happened to be reading for class fit perfectly.  So why not?

^Good read by the way.

In other news, how is the holiday shopping going for everyone?  I have yet to even start!!  Eeek!  I have taken the first step in writing down ideas for people though.  Now I just have to work up the nerve to tackle Somerset Collection with all of the mad shoppers.  Of course, that will happen after I've done all the online shopping that I possibly can!  Funny, for a girl who LOVES new clothes, I really hate shopping.

Have a great day!


  1. adorable look! this is perfect for fall

  2. Love this look Julia! The boots and the socks are so cute!

  3. I love this look! I am okay with leggings as long as your top covers your bum somewhat. If it doesn't, sometimes it looks like girls forgot to finished getting dressed. You pull your outfit off nicely!


    Sunny Blonde Studio

  4. I'm not always a fan of leggings with pants, but I really do like your look! Great sweater!

  5. Yay! I really like this outfit. I have wore leggings as pants a few times but only if my shirt mostly covers my hiney. I love your sweater and you clutch *swoon*

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  7. I haven't been brave enough to try leggings as pants, though I have many, but your bravery makes me want to try cause it looks so cute.

  8. I haven't tried leggings as pants yet. But I think you pulled it off quite well. The layers are so pretty! I love your scarf and sweater :)

  9. I actually wore leggings as pants the other day too! Feels a little, errr, exposed haha, but yours look so cute.

    And your hair looks awesome! I love it. Looks like the most gorgeous natural texture.

  10. You look fabulous in your leggings, very comfy and casual, although normally I despise leggings being worn as pants <3

  11. I just recently tried leggings as pants... it's feels weird but so comfy. I feel a lot less exposed if I wear tights underneath the leggings. Cute blog!

  12. You're insane! leggins as pants look great on you! I love the outfit!

  13. This is a gorgeous it! I'm a new follower :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  14. Very cute outfit! Love the clutch and of course, I adore your Camilla ring.


  15. Such a great outfit for fall !!! love it ! you look very cute ! =D

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