Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cozy, Warm, and an Eskimo Hood

As much as I loooove pea coats, there comes a time when I just want to be warm.

coat: Kenneth Cole
scarf: Target
mittens: Delia's ca. a loooong time ago

Even though after Christmas I really wanted to stay as far away from the mall as possible,  I did manage to make myself attend the Macy's After Christmas sale in pursuit of a new coat.  I knew exactly what I wanted and would not settle for anything other than that.  My requirements for a new puffy coat were:
  1. Must NOT be white.  Made that mistake last year and it ended up looking so dirty so fast.
  2. Must cover my butt.  Nobody likes a cold butt.
  3. Must have a hood.  Preferably one with faux fur trim because then I can look like an Eskimo.  Is that not PC anymore?
  4. Must have some sort of waist belt.
  5. Must NOT have a stand up collar.  Those things are really annoying when you try and turn your head to the side.  Plus they like to gather makeup (see #1 about the white coat... bad bad bad)
This one I found fit all of my requirements!  When does that ever happen?  Plus there was only one left in my size!  The stars were aligned.  This Kenneth Cole coat was originally priced at $245 and I snagged it for $95.  Excellent.

All of that excitement and yesterday's temperatures hit in the low 50's.  Excuse me?  I have a puffy coat to wear!  Mother Nature, kindly throw me some chilly days (and I wouldn't mind a nice gathering of snow either to make it more festive).

Until next time...


  1. Was wondering why you had a jacket like that on yesterday. Everyone coming into the store had no coat on yesterday. I think they thought it was summer. Great bargain!!!

  2. Lady, your new coat is SO gorgeous. Oh my goodness, I love it, love it!! And want one exactly like it - great choice. Happy weekend & coat wearing. xo V

  3. I really like that this coat is "puffy" without adding 10 lbs! I agree, MUST COVER BUTT! I was incredibly dumb two years ago when I went to Germany in January with a waist length coat. Never doing that again in winter.

  4. Um...adorable! You're hair looks superb as well :)

    I'm so glad I found your blog on IFB! Now following you :)

    Would love if you checked out my blog & let me know what you think! Looking forward to more posts.

    Get it lady!


  5. Parka, check! I love wearing my parka too :)

    vonnie <3

  6. Pretty coat, it looks really nice with the hood up :)

  7. You look lovely and snug, I adore the fur hood <3

  8. You look gorgeous in this post! Love it. Great find on the coat!

  9. couldn't agree more. i'll forgo most fashion rules to stay warm in the winter. my puffy coat is my best friend.

  10. I love your new coat, the faux fur on the hood is awesome!

  11. Asking for colder weather is what's not PC. haha. That coat is fabulous though! Great job getting a fantastic deal on it!!

  12. What a cute comfy outfit! Love your looks so warm! I am now following!

    I am having my first ever giveaway on my blog! Check it out when you have a moment! :)

    xoxo Rosalia

  13. Love the coat!!! And what a great deal too! I'm definitely going to check out the coat section again - they're all on sale but winter is nowhere near over!

    Laura @ A Little Bit of Lacquer