Sunday, February 26, 2012

GFC Shutting Down - Please Stay a Follower

Attention my lovely readers!  If you haven't already heard, Google is doing some spring cleaning and will be shutting down Google Friend Connect for all non-blogger users as of March 1st.  Simply put, this means that if you follow my blog using Google Friend Connect (GFC) and do not have a Blogger blog yourself, you won't see my exciting posts anymore!  From what I understand, if you do have a Blogger blog (Cup of Tea is hosted through Blogger) all of your blog subscriptions should be fine (I hope!).

If you follow Cup of Tea via GFC and do not have a Blogger blog, I strongly encourage you to follow me through either Bloglovin', email, Google Reader, Facebook, or some other blog reader.

Confused?  Here's what to do:
  • To follow through Bloglovin', click on the Bloglovin' button I have in the right side-bar area on my blog.
  • To receive an email when I post a new entry, simple type in your email address in the "Follow By Email" box that I have in the right side-bar navigation on my blog and click "Submit"
  • To follow through Google Reader (this is what I do and LOVE it) you need to have a Gmail account.  After logging in to your Gmail account, in the bar at the top there is a link that says "More." Click that and navigate to the Reader link.  Once on this page, click the "Subscribe" button in the left side-bar area and copy the URL of my blog ( ) into the box that appears.  Easy!
  • To stay updated via Facebook, just click the Facebook button I have in the right side-bar area on my blog.  From there you can "like" Cup of Tea and stay in the loop!
I really value all of my readers and have had so much fun connecting with you through our common interests.  I urge you to be prepared for Thursday's Spring Cleaning! :)

I love my readers!


  1. it's terrible, i know! but i don't think it affects blogspot blogs...

  2. i've been hearing this rumor but never really understood the effects! this really cleared it up, thanks for sharing!!


  3. it's such a shame that this is happening. why can't it just stay the same! :(

    love from the NaNa girls x

  4. Julia you've got the most amazing blog, so excited that I discovered it...lovely style and really fun posts. I've been reading through your archives and really enjoying them! I'm following you on GFC for now, haha...but also following you on Bloglovin' and through my own system (I bookmark fav blogs and read through them each day).

    <3 Cambria

  5. Hey Julia!

    I just tried to follow via GFC (even though I'm already a follower and have a Blogger account), and it looked like it was going to let me. The option still seems to be available. It's weird that there is not much press on this as you would think there would be. Great informative post, by the way!