Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Wore to Tea Time {april}

What a busy week it's been so far! I've had my nose in web code non-stop between work and my class. My eyes are tired! Before I turn my eyes off for the day though, I'd like to share what I wore to my second Tea Time this past Sunday.

April's theme was April Showers, so I appropriately paired an umbrella with bare feet. Who doesn't love the rain in bare feet?

dress: vintage (my grandma made it!) | umbrella: Sundance | ring: Stella & Dot | belt: H&M | watch: gift | necklace: gift

I love this dress. My grandma made it way back when and proceeded to wear it after having five kids.  I think that's pretty impressive!

In other news, I'd like to thank Kristine for awarding Cup of Tea the Versatile Blogger Award and Sara Marie for awarding Cup of Tea the Liebster Blog Award! It means so much to me that you noticed my blog, so thank you! :)

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tea Time {april showers}

The theme of April's Tea Time post is appropriately April Showers. See how this month's guests styled a rainy day outfit:

Check out Becky's blog, Becky Bedbug

Check out Candice's blog, Teatime Thoughts

Check out Halina's blog, Halina Myers Personal Fashion

I see a connection in our rainy day outfits, and it wasn't even planned!  What's the common characteristic of Becky's hat, Candice's shirt, Halina's pants, and my dress?  Together we could make one snazzy outfit! Haha.

This month I'm serving Osmanthus Oolong.  A few weeks ago I tasted this kind for the first time and snapped a photo to share with you.  Yummy stuff, that's for sure!

I'm really glad I discovered these bloggers after my last Tea Time post. They each have great style and I'm excited to continue following them (okay, that sounded like I'm a creeper, I'm really not, I just enjoy reading their blogs!)

I hope you enjoyed this month's Tea Time!  If you're interested in "attending" May's Tea Time, send me an email at  I've still got some interested bloggers who inquired last month, but I'm always looking for new and inspiring blogs to follow and feature!

Happy Tea Time!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Inner Flower Child

Yesterday I let my inner flower child shine through!

shirt & belt: Target | jeans: Ann Taylor LOFT | shoes: Payless | necklace: Bittersweet Nostalgia

I used to wear a lot more flower child/peasant looking clothing in middle school and high school, but it kind of took backseat throughout college.  When I saw this top at Target I fell in love all over again! Combined with a pair of flared jeans (or should I say bell bottoms?) and my peace-sign necklace, you should really send me packing for the past.

It's probably easier for me to dress in a dated fashion than someone who actually lived in that time.  That would be like me wearing the double-holed belt (Google it) that I probably have stashed away somewhere to show my future children.  I really hope that style doesn't return anytime soon.  If it does, I'm not participating again.

Happy Wednesday!

Doesn't my arm in the second picture remind you of a Barbie doll?  I reminds me of a Barbie doll.  It's kind of awkwardly placed near my thigh as if doesn't actually bend any further.  :D

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Designer + Nerd = Me

For someone who wears glasses every single day of the year, they become more of an accessory and not just a tool. Only problem is, they're pretty pricey and insurance only covers one pair. How excited was I when I stumbled across a DealChicken deal last summer for $200 off a pair of frames & lenses from Sears Optical! Now I know what you're thinking... Sears? Really? Luckily, I don't really care about brand names too much.

Welcome to the family, new glasses!  I feel the need to include a disclaimer here though: I am not a hipster, nor do I want to be one.  The fact that hipsters took the whole "big frames" trend as their own annoys me. For a while I felt like I couldn't get the frame style I liked because I would be accused of trying to be hipster-ish. But then I realized, hey, if I like the frames then I like the frames! I will wear what I like. So I got the frames.

It's funny how fashion is cyclical. I remember picking out my first pair at age 13 and wanting to stay as far away as possible from the horrible "big frames" of the early 90s. They're on their way baaaaack!

shirt: American Eagle | pants: H&M | shoes: Steve Madden

To me, they are the perfect combination of nerd and designer.  Both of which I am, so they fit me nicely.

Have you ever felt like you couldn't wear something you liked for the fear of being negatively judged?

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Aqua Tea Tasting

What a craaazy week last week was!  This is the first chance I've gotten to sit down and read blogs and prepare my own posts in a week!  All of my business was good business so I guess I can't complain too much.  Now, onto my outfit!  I was very happy that we had decent weather this Easter.  Usually it's raining or cold, neither of which happened!

dress: LC Lauren Conrad (2011) | jacket: LC Lauren Conrad | shoes: Mix No. 6 | watch: gift | bracelet: LC Lauren Conrad | necklace: gift | ring: Stella & Dot

Yes, I realize this is an LC Lauren Conrad heavy outfit. I would like to point out that two of the three LC items here (the jacket and bracelet) were a result of being in the top five of Lauren Conrad's blogger contest a few weeks ago. They sent each of the five finalists nine items from the current LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's collection and now some of my pieces are finally showing up in an outfit post! So if you see a even more unusual amount of LC Lauren Conrad clothes in upcoming outfit posts, that's why!

Back to my crazy weekend.  Some highlights included dinner and drinks with a visiting friend from Germany (hallo Samira!) and attending a tea tasting at Goldfish Tea. I learned so much at the tea tasting, like how you can decaffeinate any type of loose leaf tea!  (In case you're interested: let the tea leaves steep one time, dump the water, and then re-steep.  The second steeping of any loose leaf tea is decaffeinated.  Apparently caffeine is water-soluble, so it comes out of the leaves with the first steeping... cool!)  I would definitely go back for a second tea tasting.  I want to learn more!

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Boots & Basketball Brackets

After Michigan's spurt of summer-like weather a few weeks ago I realized that I soon will have to send my leather riding boots into hibernation!  How sad!  I have worn these boots so many times this past fall and winter and am sad that soon it will be too warm to wear them.  Nobody likes sweaty legs.  I figured I better get in some more of my favorite dark colored pieces before it looks too weird in the upcoming warm weather seasons.

dress: Urban Outfitters | sweater: Gap | leggings: Target | boots: Civico 10
belt: Pitaya | Necklace: Heritage 1981

In other news, this morning I discovered I won first place with my basketball brackets!!  This is so humorous to me because I am probably the least qualified person to have even filled out a bracket.  I know nothing about basketball.  I couldn't even tell you a player's name.  Beginner's luck I suppose!!  My plan is to put the money towards my EUROPE 2013 trip!!

Anyone else have any luck with their basketball brackets this year?

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another Season Passes...

Here it is April 1st and I haven't posted my Winter Recap yet!  So without further ado...

I clearly did not get as many outfits posted this winter as I did last fall and summer.  But hey, it was cold out!!

Well I'm off to go finish some web programming homework.  Even though I've only been officially graduated from college for a little over three months, it's already weird to say I have homework to do!  Why did I decide to enroll in another class again?

Happy April!