Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Boots & Basketball Brackets

After Michigan's spurt of summer-like weather a few weeks ago I realized that I soon will have to send my leather riding boots into hibernation!  How sad!  I have worn these boots so many times this past fall and winter and am sad that soon it will be too warm to wear them.  Nobody likes sweaty legs.  I figured I better get in some more of my favorite dark colored pieces before it looks too weird in the upcoming warm weather seasons.

dress: Urban Outfitters | sweater: Gap | leggings: Target | boots: Civico 10
belt: Pitaya | Necklace: Heritage 1981

In other news, this morning I discovered I won first place with my basketball brackets!!  This is so humorous to me because I am probably the least qualified person to have even filled out a bracket.  I know nothing about basketball.  I couldn't even tell you a player's name.  Beginner's luck I suppose!!  My plan is to put the money towards my EUROPE 2013 trip!!

Anyone else have any luck with their basketball brackets this year?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love this outfit. It makes me sad that we can't bundle up like it's fall anymore. I guess I should bust out my shorts and tank tops. Congrats on your bracket! I butchered everything but I got the winner right {go kentucky! :)}.

    A Southern Drawl

  2. Nice job on your bracket!! And is it ok that I plan to wear my riding boots until my legs can't take it anymore? Very cute dress.

  3. Super cute Julia! Love riding boots as well! and they work on a cooler evening in summer I think :) you look amazing :)

  4. Love your outfit! Your dress is so pretty on you!!

  5. Great outfit Julia your hair is so pretty and I love your boots!


  6. Congrats on your bracket! I also like your attitude about your boots- I've been grumpy about boots lately because it's still cold here and I'm so ready for sandals, but I'm going to turn my attitude around and enjoy my pretty boots while I still can! Thanks!

  7. Oh yay congratulations on the basketball brackets, the Europe tour sounds like a lot of fun! I like this outfit a lot, the purple color is lovely and the riding boots are such a classic :)

  8. I am really loving the shape, color and collar detail of that sweet dress. Such a great piece. I am not sad about putting my boots away. I love summer and can't wait for it!
    I never have luck with my bracket. Ever. Congratulations on your win! :)


  9. That purple dress is so pretty on you, Julia! Congrats on winning the bracket! I actually can't wait to retire my boots for sandals, feels like I've been wearing them forever. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  10. Just found your blog... so cute! I love this dress! (Also, where are you planning on going on your Europe trip? That sounds so awesome!)

  11. I love those boots! Way to rock them!

  12. I'm so sports illiterate...definitely didn't make a bracket! But I've done pretty well with predicting college football outcomes when that season rolls around :)

    Love your dress neckline...perfect for displaying the pretty necklace and the detail is just darling.

    <3 Cambria

  13. very nice outfit! compliments!



  14. I totally know what you mean. I love wearing different layers in the winter time and wearing cute boots but your outfit looks fab on you and I can't wait to see your spring fashions =)