Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eclectic Nerdiness

I have much to look forward to this weekend!!  First of all, the weather report is calling for SUN and 80's!  Also adding to the greatness of this weekend is a Saturday afternoon Wine Stroll through my local downtown.  $40 gets me lots of wine samples, food samples, and strolling fun!  Then on Sunday morning I'll be going to the Eastern Market Flower Day in Detroit.  I've heard it's pretty amazing, so I'm excited to see what all the fuss is about!  And to top off an already fun-packed weekend, on Sunday afternoon I'll be riding my bike to the Detroit Zoo with friends.  I hope to see the sloth! His name is Homer!

blazer: Forever 21 (similar) | chambray shirt: American Eagle (similar) | sweater vest: Target | skirt: Forever 21 (similar) | necklace: gift (similar) | shoes: Converse

Anyway, in clothing-news, I finally finally found a way to wear my camel colored blazer.  I've had this thing since last summer and always felt like a real estate agent when I tried to wear it.  So I ended up embracing the nerdiness and make it look intentionally-nerdy.  This is what I call my Nerdy Chic outfit.  Notice I wore my bigger framed glasses.

I would like to consider myself somewhat eclectic.  My fashion sense can be all over the map.  I don't like to stick to just one style.  I feel that this outfit brings out a lot of my personality in that it bridges different looks.  On-trend chambray shirt + nerdy sweater vest + feminine flowery skirt + all-American Converse = eclectic.

When it comes to style, are you more of a stick-to-one-style person or whatever-you're-feeling-like person?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I love your blog. I love this outfit to, the blazer and a good pair of converse is a much!

  2. I love the blazer and the floral skirt :)

  3. This is so cute. Love all the layers and the old school chucks!

  4. loving the nerdy-chic outfit, it looks great :)

  5. Sounds like you have a big weekend ahead of you! I used to live in Michigan and still have family there. The zoo is really nice lots to see hope you get to see the sloth!

  6. I love you outfit!
    Nice blog :)

  7. That wine stroll sounds ahhh mazing! Love the blazer with the skirt & sneakers...such a cute look :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. You look so cute in this outfit, Julia! I love how you paired your Converse with the printed skirt. Sounds like you have such a fun weekend ahead of you :)

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  9. I love the nerdy chic look, loving the layers! Enjoy your weekend!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. Hi. Just found your blog and adore it and your style.

    Great layering in this outfit; I need to take lessons!

    It sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Have fun!


  11. hehe I like this nerdy chic outfit! I like the way you wore the blazer with the print mixing :) I hope you had fun at the zoo :)

  12. I really love how you layered your clothes here. I hope you had a great weekend! I chuckled at how you wanted to see the sloth.

    And bigger framed glasses---good choice. You've inspired me to bust out my {fake} big framed glasses!

    A Southern Drawl

  13. Nice layered outfit! Lovely neutral shades and textures.
    Really solid blog structure. I'm your new follower!!

    DC2NYConfessions Blog

  14. Yup, I feel as if I have an eclectic style as well! I love your style sense though, and I am especially in love with this outfit! Also, nerdy girls and looks are in, and it looks great on you! -Jessica

  15. I love your layering in this look, it's usually what I have the most trouble with when putting together an outfit!