Monday, June 18, 2012

Switching of the Seasons

Even though it's not officially summer yet (only two days left!) I'm posting my spring recap now.  You can really see the transformation of seasons in these pictures, starting out with bare trees and finishing with full leafy green everywhere!

And now bring on those flippy flops and floppy hats!  I'm ready for the beach.  I feel like it will become harder and harder to post regularly as the days get more and more beautiful.  I've found myself just hanging out, reading a book or catching up with friends more than I did in the winter.  Of course, now that the weather is warm enough to do outfit shots with ease, I'm out socializing instead! 

Does anyone else ever feel the pressure of keeping up a style blog?  Between the constant need to photograph your outfit, edit, get posts up regularly, keep your readers engaged and coming back while trying to ramp up your follower number can be a little stressful at times!  Do you ever check your GFC number and see that it's dropped?  And you get that rejected feeling but what did I do??  I'm trying to keep that feeling in check.  I started this blog for fun, and I'm going to keep it fun.  I'm really trying to not get competitive for followers or brand interest.  If you like my blog, keep reading!  Because I like you as a reader! :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Aw, I know how you feel. I get all let down and wonder if I need to do something different with my blogging if I see my followers drop. But you're totally right, we started this blog for ourselves, not for anyone else! So keep it up girl :)
    I'm eager to see what summer outfit inspirations you'll bring us!

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    Trendy Teal

  2. Loved seing this recap :) That coral dress looks amazing on you

  3. Definitely agree with you and 'Well...', but you're right: while it's important to keep your readers engaged, you have to stay try to yourself and your passion!

    p.s. make sure you enter my giveaway, so you can win a prize of your choice from ASOS!

  4. I totally agree, now that the weather is warm I don't want to spend as much time blogging because I'd rather be enjoying the weather!

    I sometimes feel the pressure of blogging too. I got nervous when I went on my vacation that my readers would leave. But you're right that it should just be about having fun and not stressful!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Love the Spring to Summer transition - those are some super cute outfits! And well said Julia, blogging can definitely get stressful if you let it - so important to remember that it should be for fun :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Your outfits are great. I agree with the pressure- it can be hard to keep up with it all, but you do a great job!

  7. yay for floppy hats! haha you really can tell how you started transitioning- so many more colors and florals popped out. i love all these looks :) you have a very clean and classy style

  8. You looked cute all spring! I don't find it difficult to take photos and write posts, but what I do find difficult sometimes is visiting all the blogs who left comments on my post, reading theirs, and commenting back. Sometimes that can take a lot of time! It's all part of being a community of bloggers!

  9. Love all of these outfits, adorable! I have also recently gotten overwhelmed with the keeping up on my blog, especially now that it is soooo nice outside I don't want to even open my laptop! like you said though, blog for you :)

  10. What great spring to summer outfits! Blogging can be a lot of work and be stressful, but you're right.. it's all about enjoying it and having fun! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. You have such an adorable look. This recap is great. I especially adore the floral dress in the 6th row with the umbrella. SUPER sweet. =)

  12. Love your blog!!! and tea :D All the styles are fave? hard to say!!!
    Im now following you on bloglovin.... wanna follow each other?


  13. I know what you mean....and really after awhile, I realized that I didn't have time to worry about how many followers I have, if I wanted to blog for myself! I think you have to keep doing what you love in order to blog without feeling stressed or pressured, and the followers who love what you do and like you, will continue to do so, and with your constant networking, your readership should grow too....Also, love the recap!- Jessica

  14. Love this recap, so many pretty outfits with bright colors and prints! Yeah, I feel the pressure of keeping up a style blog too. It's very time consuming, but it's also really fun. Although I have been posting less and less recently because I just don't have time :/

  15. Fabulous look, amazing outfit, beautiful pics

  16. Your style is so cute! I love how adorable you in in florals and bright colours.


  17. You had a lot of great spring looks!

    xo Jennifer

  18. I love all of these looks! And I sometimes feel the same way :( But just remember that you do it because you love it!

    A Southern Drawl

  19. I love the way you work those bright colours! So many fun outfits (great layering too).

    I definitely feel the pressure of style blogging...especially because I've been working so much had so much going on in life lately. It's hard to even find a time to take photos during the day...let alone write a well-thought-out post that people will really enjoy!

    <3 Cambria

  20. I agree with you- sometimes its stressful, but I remind myself that I do it for my pleasure and keep posting fun stuff.
    Your blog is great, so don't worry about numbers. And I'll tell you a little secret-your illustration will be posted on my blog this Friday:)

  21. 1) I love all of the looks here - this is like a whole pinterest board of inspiration!
    2) The blog should be something that brings you joy. If it's not, find a way to make it joyful! Cause you will spend so much time doing it, you need to spend that time well :)