Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lost in Thought

A couple weekends ago I went on a fun double date with the boyfriend.  We met one of his friend's from college and his girlfriend downtown for dinner and drinks and it was really fun!  Sitting outside is one of the best things about dining in the summer!

dress: Target // belt: Target // necklace: gift // shoes: Guess

On a different note, I almost didn't post this.  I've been feeling very introspective the past few days and I'm really having thoughts about this blog.  It seems like lately I've been getting really overwhelmed with the amount of Internet-sharing that has creeped into my life.  Is anyone else just burned out?  Don't get me wrong, I love that the fashion-blogging community has welcomed me into the club with so many kind comments, emails, and gifts.  I guess I'm starting to get bothered by the amount of superficial-ness that is included in all of this.  I don't like that so many people in the community use commenting as self-promotion.  What happened to commenting because you genuinely like an outfit or have something thoughtful to say?  Again, I feel like I need to have a disclaimer here.  I know that not all of you are like this.  In fact, most of you aren't, and I really love reading your comments and I love the little Internet-blogger-friendships that have formed in the past year.

But when does the sharing get to be too much?  When we all post the same stuff?  When we all wear the same stuff?  When we all share Instagram photos of our macaroons and our new mint-colored nail polish?  When we all apply lens-flare filters to our Instagram pictures even though they were taken indoors?  When we all wear denim chambray shirts and mint skinny jeans (haha look at my last post!!)  I'm sorry, sometimes it just gets a bit overwhelming.  I totally understand that these are trends and that I, too, participate in them a lot.  But I start to wonder, would I dress the same if I didn't read fashion blogs?  Would I be happy with my style?  Would I get stressed out because I hadn't posted in a few days?  Would I feel rushed to read through all of the blogs I follow, comment on their outfits, and then hope that they haven't unsubscribed to my blog because I disappeared for a few days?  What kind of fun is that?  It's when I feel pressured to comment that my comments lose quality.  And it sucks, because there are a handful of you out there that I really do get very inspired by.  I love to tell you that too!

Am I alone in these thoughts?  If I made my Instagram photos private, and put an ON HIATUS sign on my blog, would I be happier?  I don't know.  And I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to find out.  But the thought is there.  I guess it's an ideal time to go camping!  Because that's what I'm doing this weekend.  I'm taking Friday and Monday off of work and am going to spend my four days camping on Lake Michigan with my boyfriend, his sister (who happens to be my best friend!) and their family.  I'm going to enjoy my actual life.  To those of you who actually read all of this, thanks!  You're probably the same people that I genuinely like you, your blog, and your comments.

Thanks for reading!  I'll be back next week :)


  1. You're so lucky to go camping! And, no, I don't think you're alone in these thoughts. If you're getting burned out, maybe it's time to reflect or take a break, just like you're doing. And I don't think you have to comment\reply to every person that comments on your blog. I only reply or comment back to those readers who are regulars or who I feel comment genuinely. And sometimes if I have no time, I have no time. Oh well! Have a great trip! I wish I could go camping soon! We're overdue for a camping trip! -Jess

  2. I definitely understand all those thoughts, Julia. I've felt many of them, as well. Plenty of times I've thought the fashion blogging thing is kinda silly. I still enjoy it more than not, for I'm hanging with it. When I first started, I was posting more frequently, but I've found that 3 posts per week is more manageable for me. Anyways, have a great time camping! ;-)

  3. I definitely get where you're coming from Julia. Its true about the fashion community - a lot of it is just simple "cute dress! come visit my blog" sort of comments. Not genuine ones :/
    Hope your camping trip is a refreshing and relaxing one. Nothing like getting away in nature! I'm jealous actually...haha I haven't been able to this summer since I finally got a job. Anyway, don't stress about us readers - we'll still be here when you get back.

  4. Very cool necklace and dress!
    I hope you will keep blogging because I really liked reading your posts. Enjoy your camping trip :)

    LOVE BO,

  5. Love that dress and the belt goes perfectly with it, the shoes are so pretty too

    Sabrilett's Armoire

  6. I don't think you are alone in those thoughts at all. Sometimes it really does seem like everyone posts the same kind of things. (I don't even have an instagram but from what I see from blog posts, sooo many people post pictures of macaroons and airplane wings) But anyway, I hope you enjoy your camping trip and be able to be un-burned out!
    (p.s. This is very much off topic from the rest of this comment, but I really like your dress. yay for stripes)

  7. Hope you have a relaxing camping. When everyone does and wears the same thing the personal style blogosphere becomes boring.

    And if you should go on hiatus the people who're reading your blog because they love to will not unsubscribe.

  8. Hello there, I just stumbled across your blog! Newest follower:) But anyway, I know how you feel. Every once in awhile I'll make plans to do something, and a tiny voice in my head says "You totally planned this just so you have something to post about." And if I don't go anywhere, I post photos of some sugary dessert haha. So no, you are not alone in that.

    And sometimes, a well-deserved blogosphere break is totally necessary. Great post!


  9. Ohhhh trust me, you are not alone in these thoughts. Each week I get both terribly annoyed and incredibly inspired by blogging. It's definitely an up and down rollercoaster. And yes, the comments that are clearly just self-promotion are very annoying. I don't see the point, but I think to some blogging is just a race for more followers and less about making connections and building relationships. As far as over-sharing, I think that varies from person to person. Personally, I have no problem sharing bits about my life, and I look at my blog as a sort of diary. I want to be able to go back and remember what I did in an outfit and smile. It's supposed to be for ourselves, right?

    Your blog is adorable, as are you, and it's normal to have these feelings or need a break. Don't worry, I won't go anywhere if you need to disappear for a while :)

  10. Have fun camping! I went about a week ago and to get away from all things blog and just enjoy life was soooo great!!

    blogging is a fun way to express yourself but I totally feel like its a second job sometimes. I am trying to relax a little over when i post and how often and just enjoy everyday life but at the same time not give up on the wonderful blogging community! Those that follow your blog because they genuinely like it will still be here waiting if you do go on hiatus! I know i will be ;)

  11. what a cute dress!x

  12. Since I have entered the blog world, I have followed blogs, added to that list multiple times, and started my own blog (of which I have 2 followers, literally). Remember one thing...who do you blog for? I do it for me! I do it so that I have an outlet to put my however-meaningless thoughts and maybe there are a handful of people out there who want to see/read my random array of posts about craft projects, my cats, my life, some outfits, etc. If not, then I have a nice little e-diary to look back on as a memory book of sorts.

    I love your blog! But I am going to guess that you started it for the same reason I did, and somewhere along the line, things changed. Get back to why you started it, BECAUSE IT'S FUN!

  13. so definitely. i sometimes go back and forth between if i go and comment on a blog just because they commented on mine, even if it was a 'ill follow you if you follow me' thing. because on one hand, they took the time to come visit me. on the other hand, know. obviously. randomly (i read posts funny...i'll admit.. and i tend to comment's how i do) camping sounds like a great getaway because you have to turn off. i plan like crazy for when i go out of town so i don't have to post or worry, and i write a lot of my not outfit posts sometimes months ahead of time. whenever i feel it, i go! sometimes i prepare outfit posts (like writing or linking) before i take the photos. i get such a kick out of writing and making the posts. i've got like 7-10 scheduled all done right now! ahah! but yeah. it gets hard. sometimes i want to write more. but i don't because i do fear i'll come off crazy.

    annddd on the oversharing side. i always put myself probably too far out online. i don't hide much because i've never been that way - but my husband is very closed off online. which is hilarious because, well, he's married to me. so his classmates found all the images of him dancing at our wedding and he called me and wwas all like 'they found the dancing photos' and i was like....'so'. different views. i'm okay with people knowing way too much about me.

    this is getting long. and random.

    and i love sitting outside! i just did that today.

    AND i love your dress. blue and camel///or orange? are such a great combo

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  14. Aw, you are not alone in feeling this way! Blogging can be draining and sometimes you just need a break. I hope you were able to get in some nice relaxation on your camping trip!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. I'm catching up on your blog. And read this post three times because I agree. I sometimes feel stressed if I can't catch up on comments or other people's blogs (which has been happening WAY too much lately) as if it's like a job. But another part of me still loves it all! A break is definitely a good thing sometimes!

    A Southern Drawl