Monday, September 3, 2012

White on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!  This day is always a little bittersweet to me.  Even though we still have a few weeks left, Labor Day wraps up the summer.  I'm sure everyone has heard the fashion rule "no white after Labor Day," well what about white on Labor Day?  I should probably squeeze this outfit in before the fashion police knock on my door.

blouse: Wet Seal // pants: LC Lauren Conrad //
shoes: Converse // necklace: American Eagle

So far I've had a great holiday weekend.  Saturday night I partook in a "Mexican Night" aka: make quesadillas, drink Corona, and wear a sombrero to dinner.  My Conora donned a sombrero too!

So festive.

And since I have today off of work for Labor Day, that enabled me to go out on a Sunday night!  I met up with my good friend Kalyn for drinks, appetizers, and catching up.  Summer nights, yummy drinks.

Today I will continue to take it easy and catch up on my blog world!  Gotta see what you all have been up to the past week!  Anyone have any fun plans for the holiday today?

Happy Labor Day!


  1. I break the "no white after Labor Day" rule and wear it year 'round! The mini sombrero for your Corona is hilarious! Unfortuntately I have to work today but I don't feel like I'm missing out much since it's rainy here.

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  2. Corona- huh?!?! I love the delicate white blouse and, of course, your shoes! A girl after my own heart: grey converse! Which reminds me, mine are completely trashed and I need to get some new ones before winter\fall! I had a great time yesterday, so much that my tummy hurts! You probably didn't need to know that! -Jessica

  3. You rebel you! I love this casual outfit. And I'm so jealous of your Mexican night. Those are always the best!

    A Southern Drawl

  4. Ha! I love the double sombrero photo!

  5. You are just too cute for words :) I love those chucks!

    <3 Cambria

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  6. Hahaha, oh man, I LOVE that picture of you in the sombrero - looks like a fantastic night! :)
    And pfff, who cares what the fashion police say. I like white and plan on wearing it anyway if the occasion rises. Haha, love your laidback look, those Converse are perfect

    Trendy Teal

  7. hahaa I love that mini sombrero! And your labor day outfit is awesome, I love the neutral colors :)

  8. i think you can still wear look so great in it that i say you should break the rules! what a fun weekend. i love that your beer also has a sombrero! and i love when i get to go out on sunday nights, too!

  9. what a cute look, girl!! i will wear white after labor day if i want to haha!! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  10. Looks like you had fun! I hate that rule about white after Labor day! Ha Ha Day of is definitely a gray area...nice.

  11. Your white top is adorable. I love the femininity of it.
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  12. loving the simple look! i love chuck taylors, arent they the best!?

  13. Sometimes it's just nice to relax on a holiday like that and catch up on what's been going on in the interwebs! We didn't do much on Labor day, but it was swell nonetheless. :)

    Such a cute Labor Day outfit, too! That top is very pretty and I love the Converse--gotta get myself a pair, the grey seems pretty versatile, no? Maybe I'll opt for white and wear them *gasp* after Labor Day. ;)

  14. I totally know what you mean! I say if you look fab in white, what's one little rule broken? And besides, you look great in white!

  15. Haha! Well rules were meant to be broken! I'm completely prepared to order these new white shoes that I've been craving for a while now and you can bet that I'm not going to wait until spring to wear them! :) Love your outfit! The neutrals go great together!

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  16. I always wear white after Labor Day -but that's just cuz we're rebels, right? LOVE that pic of you with the Corona :)


  17. That's a great outfit! And I looove the photo with the hat, so cute!

    xxx Anita

  18. Like your white dress girl. :) You look so sexy.