Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Style Inspiration

October is almost half over!!  And you know what that means... Halloween is almost here!  Do you have your costume prepared?  If you're still at a loss for ideas, check out what Cambria from Jupe, Jessica from Here & Now, and Jessica from The Jessica L Blog did!  Some inspiration for this costume-y season:

Cambria says...
"I wanted to do something kind of different...something very costume-y, that utilized pieces of my wardrobe that I rarely get to wear, and that really still maintained that vintage vibe that I love.  Plus I
always love to represent famous and fun characters from literature! When I saw the dalmatian print collar, red satin, and black vintage-style tulle skirt all hiding in the back of my closet...they brought to mind one of my favourite childhood books, 101 Dalmatians...and I realized that I could make my own retro glam Cruella Deville costume :)  It's definitely a different take, but I had so much fun with the devilish colour palette and glam style, plus finding a way to style my makeup and hair that had that vintage movie star feel and that freakish Cruella Deville look!  My photographer friend managed to style it with just a comb...and I added those little beauty spots just for effect.  Hope that you enjoy!"
Cambria has other great fashion ideas at her blog Jupe!

Jessica says...
"My first Halloween celebrated with my boyfriend was last year, and somehow I convinced him to dress up in a couple's costume with me: Roger and Jessica Rabbit. Using a formal dress for a high school function that was already on its last leg, I dyed it in the sink and added some accessories that were "Jessica Rabbit"-esqe."
Stop by Jessica's blog Here & Now to see her great style!

Jessica says...
"Okay, just so you know, I'm not entirely sure how I feel- on a deeply personal level and superficial level- about these pictures. Hah! I'm suppose to be a Strawberry Shortcake girl, I guess, but not her exactly?! It was one of those last minute costume purchases. You know, the one where you have to find a costume because your friend wants you to go to her Halloween party and you were undecided about doing anything for Halloween in the first place, but you partly feel like you should do something because, well, you're not doing anything else, and your friend is really encouraging you to go?! So that's what happened here. And I think what sold me were those striped green socks. Even then I had a thing for stripes, and, welp, knee high socks. I've always loved knee high socks.  Needless to say, I once again am undecided about what I want to dress up as this year or if I'm doing anything. It might take another friend to force me to go out and get dressed up. The Darling Husband hates dressing up and going to Halloween balls. I don't do the balls anymore either. I stick to small get-togethers or parties. Although, I love Halloween just as much today as I did when I was a kid. Some things just never change with me." 
Jessica's blog, The Jessica L Blog is the home of some cute style!

This is what I wore last year to go dancing for Halloween!  I loved this costume and will probably end up wearing it again one of these upcoming years!  I've got something else planned for this year though...

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?


  1. Oh, so fun Julia! Thanks for asking me to contribute! I hope your experience buying your first home is more exciting than stressful! And think about how much fun you'll have decorating it and you won't have to worry about anybody telling you what you can or cannot do! And I just got inspired reading this post! Maybe I'll search for costumes today?! -Jess L

  2. Oooh, all of you girls rocked your costumes! I love the Cruella Deville one :) You make for one fabulous flapper girl too Julia!
    I'm not sure what I'm dressing up as yet, sadly. I need to get inspired here soon.
    And I know, haha, it's bad - I need to carve a pumpkin this year! I've been missing out :0

    Trendy Teal

  3. the cruella de vill one is aaaawesome! and yours was super cute too- and it's such an easy one to make! i'm not sure what im going to be this year, but my friend is being a "home wrecker"- and dressing up like a construction worker haha

  4. These are all such good costume ideas :D I have no clue what I want to be for Halloween. hmmm.. and hehe I remember that flapper girl costume!

  5. How fun! I'm so excited for Halloween this year. You look adorable as a flapper. I've always wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween but Kev refuses to be The Peculiar Purple PieMan :D

  6. these are all AMAZING! i love all four of you and these costumes are downright awesome

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. I'm loving the jessica rabbit outfit!

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  8. I was a flapper girl last year as well! :D I absolutely love it haha (: Great inspiration post- I can't wait to see your costume this year! (:

    Cindy C.

  9. I love this segment! I'm sorry I couldn't be a part of it :( I adore your flapper outfit though :)

  10. Whoa! Love all of it.
    Difficult to decide which I like the most...
    Looking forward to see what you're gonna sport this year!
    Check out my blog too dear.
    Would love you visits & comments! :)