Monday, July 30, 2012

Grandpa's Camera

A few months ago my photographer friend Lauren of Lauren Mac Design asked if she could photograph me!  Of course I leaped at the opportunity.  I've decided to spread out the photos into a few posts and this here is post number one!

all photographs by Lauren of Lauren Mac Design
outfit details: pants: c/o LC Lauren Conrad // chambray shirt: American Eagle // shoes: Target // leaf ring: LC Lauren Conrad // aqua ring: Stella & Dot // belt: H&M // acorn necklace: American Eagle

As you can tell by the bare trees these were taken in the springtime during one of the first semi-warm days.  What a joy those first days of sunshine were after a long winter!  For these shoots by Lauren I used props that represent me.  For this outfit I'm posing with my grandpa's old semi-automatic film camera.  I used to use this camera before I learned how to use a full-manual camera.  Oh sometimes I miss those days before I bought my DSLR...  Anyway, Lauren will soon be joining the blogging world so I will be sure to introduce her in an upcoming post!

In daily news, my arms are currently very sore.  This evening after work my friend Kristin and I went to the driving range in preparation for our upcoming golf outing.  Let me just say it's been a while.  Good news is I managed to successfully hit most of the balls!  Thumbs up to that.  Yeah, gonna need more practice.

Two important things!
1) Tomorrow (July 31st) is the last day to take advantage of Cup of Tea's 10% off code for eShakti!  Just use code CU23LZA at checkout.  Their 40% off sale is still going on :)

2) if you didn't see my last post about August's Tea Time, do read!  I would love your submissions.

Tomorrow I get to see Florence and the Machine in concert!! WOO!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Call for Entries!

For August I'm going to try something new for my monthly Tea Time series.  Instead of asking you to email me and then finding out what the theme will be, I'm going to just tell you up front!  That way, you'll have a better idea if you're the right fit for that month's party.

August's Tea Time theme is going to be Lawn Party.  The summer will be coming to an end...think cute dresses, games of croquet, hats, champagne, and laughs.  What would you wear?

Submit your outfits to by August 15th to be featured on Sunday, August 19th.  Please include a song title & artist to be included in the playlist!

What's your opinion, do you like this way of going about gathering Tea Time guests more?  Let me know what you think in the comments!  I would love feedback.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I Wore to Tea Time {july}

This month's Tea Time theme was Sundaes on Sunday.  Yes, I know, I'm not actually posing with a sundae because this vanilla with sprinkles was calling my name instead.  You can tell this was an extremely hot day as you can see my ice cream melting as I try to stay calm for the photos!  Immediately after these were taken I pretty much had to scarf the whole thing down before it completely melted all over my hand.

I'm really wanting to do more "on location" outfit posts like this one.  I think they're fun to read and fun to create.  I love including photos of where I actually am and the things that make it fun to be at.
This little ice cream place is about a mile from my house.  I've yet to walk there but it's always a fun bike ride away in the summer!  I prefer supporting the little independent ice cream places before going to Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins.  The little guys are much more personal, and that's the kind of place I'm drawn to.

Would you be interested in reading more "on location" posts?

In other news, this week has been out of the ordinary fun.  Since I don't yet own my own house (working on it!), it's been fun to house-sit/cat-sit at my cousin's this past week.  Not only do I get to pretend it's mine, but the interior design fits my taste as well!  You can tell a designer lives here.  Being a designer myself, it's quite an easy adjustment to live here for the week.

Outfit details:
shirt: Joe & Paul for Target | shorts: American Eagle
shoes: Target | necklace: American Eagle

Go eat some ice cream!
Don't forget to take advantage of 10% off at eShakti now through July 31st!  Make sure to use code CU23LZA
Please email me ( if you would like to participate in next month's Tea Time!  I would love to hear from you :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tea Time {sundaes on sunday}

What a hot summer it's been so far (in Michigan at least)!  So it's quite appropriate that this month's Tea Time theme is Sundaes on Sunday!  See how July's Tea Time guests styled a look for the ice cream shop!

Check out Jessica's blog, Here & Now

Check out Samantha's blog, Petite Femme Jolie

Check out Ashley's blog, Magnolia Grace Style

I had a lot of fun with this theme.  What a hot day for photographing though, the ice cream was melting so fast I'm glad I got a few shots in before the heat totally destroyed my treat!

Continuing with the summer of iced tea, this month I came up with my own little twist.  Seems really basic but it's actually really good!

I hope you enjoyed July's Tea Time! I'm really glad to have come across Jessica, Samantha, and Ashley's blogs.  They each have their own super cute look so make sure to check them out!

Interested in being featured in August?  Email me at  I only have space to feature three bloggers a month on Tea Time, but I'm always interested in discovering new blogs so email me if you have any interest!

Happy Tea Time!

Friday, July 20, 2012

10% Off Your eShakti Order!

Remember this dress?  Great news!  eShakti is generously offering Cup of Tea 10% off your order through July 31st!

eShakti has really unique and often retro-inspired clothing that ranges in size from 0-26W... something for everyone!  And even better, you can customize your order!  Yes, that means you can often choose sleeve style, dress length, and more.  I love that because most dresses I come across seem to be too short on me, so this way I can ensure that I'll love the length!

Make sure to use the code CU23LZA and order by July 31st!  They're having a 40% off sale right now and your discount can be used towards that, neat-o!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Power Outage Watermelon

Last week I came up with what I call my watermelon outfit!  You can tell I'm easily amused.

pants: LC Lauren Conrad | shirt: LC Lauren Conrad | shoes: Guess
necklace: Target | ring: Forever 21

And now as I type this out it appears that it is also one of my almost entirely LC Lauren Conrad outfits.  I swear, I don't plan it like that.  Back to the watermelon part: the pink pants, the green top, and the purple/black seeds!  Hah.

Sorry for my short absence, it's weird to let a week pass without any posting these days.  My posts got pushed back because I was out enjoying summer with friends!  I'm okay with pushing posts back if I'm actually out enjoying life.  If I didn't go out and enjoy life what would I have to blog about?  Of course, today, the day I actually have time to post I lose power at my house!  So here I am at my work office after hours just to post this.  Oh such a dedicated blogger (kind of...)

Be sure to come back on Sunday for July's Tea Time post!  I've "invited" three great bloggers to show their style.  See you then!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dressed Up Dressed Down

Today I am actually on top of things and posting an outfit that I actually wore today!  Crazy, huh?  My idea behind this outfit is that it could easily be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what kind of shoes are being worn and what kind of accessorizing is going on.

Above is what I consider dressing it up.  As you can see I wore my nude patent leather pumps and belted my shirt at the waist.

By switching to flat brown sandals and adding a jean jacket I made the outfit a bit more relaxed.  If you are paying close enough attention, you can see that scrapping the waist-belt was a last minute decision, as I have it on in one of my dressed down photos and not the other!  Woops!  I went with the dressed down version today at work.  It ended up being a bit too hot for the jacket but it worked in the morning!

So there you have it.  There are always ways to mix up an outfit!

Outfit Details:
top: Jennifer Lopez | skirt: LC Lauren Conrad (similar) | pumps: Mix No. 6 (similar) | sandals: Report | jacket: American Eagle | belt: Charlotte Russe | ring: H&M

Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Stuck Between Sizes

Does anyone else ever dress up with nowhere to go?  This outfit is a product of that.  I was just forming outfits in my mind and then realized that I had no occasion for this and that really it was too hot to wear this outfit that day anyway.  I ended up changing into a completely cotton outfit for the heat was about to kill me.  But the plan for a future outfit has been formed!

shorts: LC Lauren Conrad | shirt: Forever 21 (similar) | shoes: Marc Fisher (similar)
braclets: gift (similar) | necklace: gift (similar)

What a bummy-ish day.  I was all excited to find out that a dress I ordered had finally been delivered after being on back-order forever, only to wait all day at work and come home to find out that it's too big!  Now I have to go through the process of mailing it back and re-ordering in a new size.  Gaa!  Why can't online store size charts actually be accurate?  Because when I ordered the dress I was actually concerned that it was going to be too small!  Argh.

I'm sure you've all been in that situation, right?  Oh well, I must stay positive or else the next order will be too small!  Hah.  That would happen to me.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red, White & Blue

shirt: Target | shorts: made from my sister Emily's old jeans | shoes: Target
necklace: c/o Claire | bracelet: vintage | hat: c/o Claire

As you can see, I'm all for dressing in holiday colors.  Is it red, white, or blue?  Throw it on!  Who cares if you look silly?  I was lacking in a few of the color departments so my friend Claire crocheted me an awesome necklace to bring in the red and white for my outfit.  The cut-off shorts I made from a pair of my older sister's old jeans.  They're from 2000, right before low-rise stretch swooped in and took over.  That means they are slightly high-waisted and 100% cotton!  Woo!

Yesterday was a lot of fun.  My family and I went to the local parade in the morning (I love parades!  Marching bands!  Polititicians!  Fire trucks!  Why wouldn't you love a parade?), and then I spent the afternoon outdoor BBQ-hopping.  Most of the day was extremely hot, and then we witnessed the storms rolling in.  Throughout the coarse of the day we experienced 100 degree heat, sun, rain, thunder, lighting, hail, and 77 degree humidity.  A group of us went to see fireworks and ended up getting completely drenched in a downpour while waiting for them to start.  It was so much fun!  The rain stopped just in time though and it was a great show!

Now I'm up to enjoy my next four days off of work.  I'll be spending them in Michigan's great Upper Peninsula!  See you next week!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Retro Red

It's Sunday evening yet I hardly have any Sunday blues because this is a short work week for me!  I was clever and decided to combine some vacation days with the 4th of July and the weekend.  So it's work Monday-Tuesday, play Wednesday-Sunday.  Woo!

dress: c/o eShakti | shoes: vintage (c/o mom) | necklace: gift

I love this dress.  It's super retro-cute and it's also 100% cotton which is soooo nice.  I love 100% cotton items, and they're not always that easy to find!  Many thanks goes to eShakti for sending me this sample dress to style.  It was so hard to choose just one style so after I received this one in the mail, I went on and bought myself an additional dress!  They've sucked me in with their generosity and design capabilities.

Where do you find your vintage-inspired dresses?