Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hugging the Fridge

Happy Sunday! Today I'm mixing it up and bringing you a good old outfit post! Yesterday I attended a semi-casual spring luncheon at my friend's church. As you can see by the patches of snow behind me, it's still kinda blah looking in Michigan. My fingers are crossed that real spring weather is on the way.

I snatched this tunic from my sister's bag of giveaway clothes. So she'll probably laugh when she sees this post. It's cute and it was free!

necklace: c/o RedEnvelope // tunic: Charlotte Russe
pants: NY&Company // shoes: Mix No. 6 

I was recently given the opportunity to pick out a jewelry item from RedEnvelope to share with you! What a neat site. I'd heard of it before but never really took the time to poke around to see what they had. What the variety of gifts! I ended up choosing the Artisan Sentiments Necklace and have since been wearing it a lot. I'm very pleased with my selection!

In house news... yesterday I had my new refrigerator delivered! And I had my new range delivered this past Tuesday! I'm so geeked. I feel like I just got a new toy for Christmas and want to set it on my nightstand so I can look at it while I fall asleep. Seriously. I think I'm going to go hug it now. I'm so weird. Will share pictures soon!

Hope you're all doing well! Sidenote: did you hear that Google Reader is going away? I've started moving all of my blog subscriptions over to Bloglovin' so make sure to move yours too! :)


  1. Whoa, an outfit post! Haha, glad to see you back here Julie. And that's too funny about hugging the fridge - I can totally envision it though :)
    Lovely necklace choice from Red Envelope!

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  2. love the tunic, the color is super beautiful!

  3. Haha!!! Yes, I am cracking up! Well, I'm glad you found it and snatched it- it looks really good on you! I am glad it found a new good home so quickly. :-)


  4. Get outta here snow... haven't you heard it is Spring already! So happy you got to give this cute tunic a new home!

  5. I really like this color on you. So pretty. Happy Spring!

  6. love your blog

  7. Love the color!!

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  8. Love the color of your top! Oh, and have lots of fun with your new ref and range! :D

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  9. happy you got to give this cute tunic a new home! high-low dresses online