Monday, May 5, 2014

My Feet Are Happy

It's time for a good ol' fashion post! I'm pretty excited about my most recent fashion purchase, a few pairs of Cliffs Shoes by White Mountain. I discovered Cliffs last fall and so far I really love them. They are a brand that is stylish but is also very good on my feet. And I have horrible feet, so that means a lot.

I haven't actually worn these shoes out and about yet but I'm pretty positive I won't have any complaints if they're anything like the flats I bought last fall. Sidenote on the flats I bought last fall: they fit custom orthotics!! Believe it, fellow foot-problem people.

And as for the two sandals above, they are incredibly, incredibly comfortable! I've been walking around my house for a while wearing them. Now if the Michigan weather would just warm up I could actually wear them out! Maybe I will anyway.

By the way, this post was in no way sponsored by Cliffs Shoes. I just really love them that much that I had to share. But you should know, White Mountain does a weekly shoe giveaway from all three of their brands (White Mountain, Cliffs and Rialto) if you sign up at their sites. I'm hoping I win one of these weeks! If I do, you'll see them up here on the blog!

Question to readers: do you wear custom, hard plastic, molded orthotics? Have you found any shoes other than running shoes that they fit comfortably in? Please let me know!

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  1. I've never heard of Cliffs Shoes but they sound super comfy! I'll have to check them out! Especially now that I'm pregnant, comfort is key haha.