Friday, May 30, 2014

Stylish and Chatty

It's time for a Friday morning review! A girl can never have enough jewelry. This is why I took Nikki, the owner of Beading Stylish, up on her generous offer to provide me with a piece from her shop!

Talk Bracelet - c/o

This is the "Talk" charm bracelet in Pink Multi. I find it funny that she sent me the "talk" charm, since I'm the type of person who is perfectly happy with not talking. I could sit in silence for hours, just going about my thing. Maybe it will serve as a good reminder to chat more? Either way, the bracelet is super cute.

The only drawback I noticed about the bracelet is that it was almost too small to fit my wrist, and I have pretty small wrists. Nikki did ask what length I preferred, but I still found it a tad difficult to fasten because of the length. So make sure to order yours slightly longer than you think you'll need it.

On an unrelated note, take a look at the pansies and Adirondack chairs in these pictures. These are a part of my aesthetically-improved front porch! This spring I've added a sitting area and lots of flowers. It's all about the curb appeal... and being able to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather!

Happy Friday!

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