Friday, July 18, 2014

The Making of Lynn's Lavender

I love DIY projects. I just usually don't have the patience for them. My Pinterest boards are filled with cool things I could make... if only I actually did. So I'm excited to share a crafty thing I actually did do! For Mother's Day this year I decided to put my lettering fun to good use, and paint a cute sign for my mom to put in her lavender garden.

And just for kicks, I documented my steps!

I started by sketching out ideas. I don't know why I always do this part in a lined notebook... maybe because it seems less official than my sketchbook? I usually wait until I have the plan before I recreate it in my sketchbook:

After the new sketch is made, I go over it with ink. I like using Micon pens for this; they have such a clean edge to them! I once tried it with a skinny Sharpie because I didn't have a Micon pen around and that was a huge disaster. Trust me in my saying that Micron pens are awesome.

Then I recreated it again on the sign. I got that little sign at Michaels. Sidenote: I usually hate going to Michaels because they are always understaffed. Always. It's so, so frustrating. But they are the only craft place around. And let's face it, I'd much rather wait in a long checkout line at Michaels than give Hobby Lobby any of my money, right?

Time to test out the paints! You can see I was testing out different ways to do the lavender plants. This step was also important to get a good feel for how the paint was going to work, especially in the fine swoopy strokes of the word "Lavender."


Ta-da! I left out the "Garden" only because when I drew it out in pencil the spacing was off, and I didn't want to re-draw it again.

So there you have it! A rare craft creation from me!

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  1. It's so pretty! You did very nice work.