Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Favorite Place

Last February on a cold snowy day I was daydreaming about what to do in the backyard when spring arrived. You may remember I posted in here about what my ideas were for a patio and pergola for shade. I'm excited to say that Dan and I made it a reality! Complete with a real flagstone patio, pergola, chaise lounges and string lights! I think I've found my new favorite place.

As you can see, we started a flower garden behind the house. The objective is to block the air conditioner and electric meter. All in due time...

Additional fun items include the outdoor fireplace (s'mores anyone?) and our very own raspberry bushes! Yum. Larger plants not pictured but also added include a bright pink azalea, purple lilac and blue hydrangea bushes. They're all just green leaves now in September, but come spring next year I'll have a new batch of flower photos to share!

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  1. So dreamy & cozy!! Love it! xo