Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mid-Century Love

My Etsy shop continues to grow! Today I added my newest cross stitch pattern: Mid-Century Shell Chairs. These lovely cross stitched chairs are styled after the famous Eames Plastic Shell Chair released in 1950.

I did a little extra reading up on the history of the Eames Plastic Shell Chair and discovered some interesting tidbits. These are pulled from the Herman Miller website:
  • "The story of the Eames Plastic Shell Chair really began more than ten years prior to Charles and Ray’s 1950 debut of their now iconic design for Herman Miller .... the seeds of the plastic shell we know and love today were really planted in the late ’30s"
  • "In the early 1990s, Herman Miller ceased production. After years exploring more sustainable solutions, the company reintroduced the Molded Plastic Shell Chair in 100% recyclable polypropylene in 2001, based on prototypes in the Eames Office archives, which Charles and Ray had made with fiberglass-free plastic in the 1970."
 Read the full Plastic Shell Chair story at the Herman Miller website. Then stitch away in furniture-design-nerdiness-glory! Don't be surprised if I create more Eames-inspired patterns. I'm pretty in love with their iconic designs.